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PAF System Support

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Personnel Action Form (PAF)

The PAF System is a web-based application that allows Preparers to create and submit Personnel Action Forms (PAF). A PAF is the form used to hire, terminate, transfer, increase or decrease salary, change labor distributions, pay special compensation, pay summer appointments or change any other part of an employee's assignment. The University's approval process is 100% automated. This enables the University to achieve the goal of processing personnel actions more accurately and efficiently.

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Approvers of PAFs will receive notifications via email and they will then be required to access e-Business Suite to approve the PAFs—same process as timecards. For more Information, view the Approving PAFs instructional handout.

Directors, Department Heads, Deans and Vice Presidents play a critical role in the approval process. Although the workflow is now automated, it is still a human process to approve/reject the PAFs; therefore, they are in control of PAF workflow timelines. To support their efforts, we are utilizing Oracle e-Business workflow so that PAFs can be approved/rejected from any computer or hand-held device with an Internet connection—processing PAFs "on-the-go"and "away-from-your-desk."

Benefits of the PAF System

  • 100% electronic approval.
  • Workflow is 100% automated, BUT allows the Preparer to add additional approvers and employees they want to receive notifications.
  • Ability to access the PAF at any time.
  • No lost paper forms.
  • Ability to track PAFs.
  • Reduction in processing time.
  • Increased security.

System Processes

  • Employing departments will be initiating Merit and P&S PAFs.
  • Departments employing and departments funding the employee will need to approve the PAF.
  • Each approver’s name in the routing process will be part of the "official" PAF—their approval signifies that they have agreed to all parts of the PAF.
  • There is an option to temporarily delegate the approval authority when an approver takes a vacation. Delegates will need to be at an administrative level.
  • If a PAF is rejected, it will go back to the Preparer and the workflow process will start over. To assist the Preparer, a rejection reason should be included within the notes section of the notification.
  • The workflow does not timeout.

System Support

PAF Announcements

Faculty Winter Classes Payment Options

  1. Tenured, probationary, and term faculty create a SPC PAF. More information to come shortly.
  2. Temporary faculty create a SMR PAF. More information to come shortly.

PAF Types

View the following to determine why and when the PAF types should be used:

New Appointment (NEW)

Federal regulations require all positions, temporary and non-temporary, that may be filled by someone not currently employed by UNI and that will last three days or more to be posted before filling the position. Some exceptions apply. For more information, please contact a HRS employment coordinator or email

Change/Reappointment (CHG)

Termination (TRM & TRM-TEMP)

Special Compensation (SPC)

Summer Appointment (SMR)

Labor Distribution Change (LDC)

Education Degree Update (EDU)

Getting Started Resources

Essential Information for Preparers

Key University Policies

Contact Information

Contact Email
Academic Position
Faculty Support 1st: Dean Assistant
Graduate Assistance
Labor Distribution Assistance
Merit Position
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
P&S Position
Technical Support


  • PAF = Personnel Action Form
  • PAFV1 = PAF Version 1 (i.e., the "old" PAF System)

Quick Links to Field Help

Proxy Users

Effective Date

Org/Title Tab

Person Tab

Assign Info Tab

Assign Status Tab

Specific Tab

External Stipend Tab

LD Tab

Found Tab

Educ Tab

Terminate Tab

Spec Comp Tab

New Appt Tab (Summer Appointment Paf Only)

Summer Tab (Summer Appointment Paf Only)

Workflow Tab

History Tab

Appears after the PAF has been submitted by the preparer.

Initiate Termination for Temporary Faculty/Grad Assistants/External