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    Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and the answers will be continuously added to this web page.

Last Updated: Monday, April 12, 2021

PAF Preparer FAQs

  • 1Q: What is the difference between Assignment Change Reasons: "Reappointment" and "Reassignment"?

    1A: On a CHG PAF, the difference is...

    Reappointment – Reappointment of a Graduate Assistant, Temporary or Renewable Term Faculty, Term or Contract P&S employee, or Temporary Merit employee.

    Reassignment – Management-determined lateral transfer (P&S), AFSCME layoff-related position changes (Merit), move to another department (Faculty and Graduate Assistant), move to Interim DDH or Institutional Official position.

  • 2Q: How far can I extend an Appointment Expiration Date when submitting a CHG PAF for an Appointment Extension?

    2A: Generally for Merit, P&S, and External positions, Appointment Expiration Dates should only advance one year at a time.

  • 3Q: Do I need to process a CHG PAF for Supervisor and/or Timecard Approver Changes?

    3A: Supervisor and/or Timecard Approver changes do not require a PAF if that is the only change. Please email the requested changes to

  • 4Q: Why did I receive a “[PAF] Reminder: Initiate Termination of...” email?

    4A: An automatic email will be sent to the PAF Preparers who have the e-Business Suite HR Mgr Self Service responsibility for that organization (e.g., 'HR Academic_Learning_Center Mgr Self Service', 'HR Inst_Dec_Mkg Mgr Self Service', etc.) every second and fourth Monday of the month until a TRM PAF is processed or a CHG PAF has been processed to extend their Appointment Expiration Date.

    Follow the instructions within the email to determine who the emails are referring to and how to resolve. For more information, visit the TRM PAF support web page for more information.

  • 5Q: Where do I see a listing of Org Contacts and what does it mean?

    5A: To see a listing, view the Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistants by Office web page. On this web page "contacts" will appear in italics and the information displayed is real-time. To learn how to update this information while making other assignment changes, visit Org Manager & Org Contact Change Rules. If no other assignment changes are needed, please email with the Org Contact change(s).

    Not only do the Org Contacts show in the above referenced web page, but they will also be part of the ProTrav approval workflow for the organization.

  • 6Q: When should I contact the Service Hub instead of

    6A: Either submit a Service Hub online request or call 319-273-5555 when you are needing support for:

    • Email issues.
    • Username issues.
    • PAF System access issues.
    • e-Business Suite access issues.
    • E-Business Suite notifications are not displaying.
  • 7Q: What do I do if I accidentally delete a timecard approver on the Duties tab and I want it back?

    7A: On the CHG PAF or TRM PAF, re-add the employee to the Timecard Approver section on the Duties tab.

  • 8Q: How do I correct an error on a processed NEW PAF or CHG PAF?

    8A: See Correct Errors on a COMPLETED NEW or CHG PAF section on the Reappointment/Change Appointment PAF Type (CHG) support web page.