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    Salary Change Reason Field

Salary Change Reason Field


In the Salary Change Reason field select the appropriate reason from the drop-down menu.

Note: Leave this field blank/empty if it is a Merit Temporary position or Faculty appointment, and the employee's primary assignment is P&S.


Appointment Extension – Temporary appointment is extended.

Appointment Status – Appointment Status changes - i.e. "Probationary" to "Tenure" (Faculty), "Probationary" to "Continuing Service" (P&S) or "Probationary" to "Permanent" (Merit).

Begin Leave – Begin leave of absence with pay or without pay.

Begin Special Assignment – Temporary reassignment to a higher position with or without an associated pay increase. Use for Interim appointments.

Contract Extension – Use when an un-expired contract has been extended. Use for P&S staff holding a contract appointment only. Use "Reappointment" for the renewal of expiring contracts.

Demotion - Involuntary – Involuntary change to a position with a lower pay grade.

Demotion - Voluntary – Voluntary change to a position with a lower pay grade.

Disciplinary Adjustment – Salary reduction due to disciplinary action.

End Leave – Return to active status from a leave status.

End Special Assignment – Completion of special assignment and return to regular position. Use following completion of interim appointments.

Fiscal Year Salary – Used only for salaries changes processed through the Budget Office budget process. Not for use on individual PAFs.

Fiscal Year Salary Adj – Any manual adjustment to July 1 salary which is not reflected in the Budget Book.

Internal or Market Equity Adj – Salary adjustment for internal or market salary equity reasons.

Lateral Transfer – Voluntary change to a position in the same pay grade as previous position.

Lead Worker Pay – Pay for lead worker who is paid one step above the employees they supervise.

Merit Transfer In Class – Same classification and pay grade (i.e., Contract Transfer).

Merit Transfer In Class Competitive – Transfer to another department in the same classification (i.e., same Job Title); interviews required.

Merit Transfer out of Class – Transfer to a position with a different classification (different Job Title), but in the same pay grade.

Merit Transfer within Grade – Change to a position in the same pay grade and classification (Job Title) as previous position.

Minimum Salary Adjustment – Adjustment to salary to bring the hourly rate or salary up to the pay grade minimum.

Misc Salary Change – Any salary change not described by other listed definitions.

New Assignment – Use for new hires, or when changing from a temporary to a non-temporary appointment.

Promotion – Promotion to different position with a higher pay grade (P&S only). Also use for staff promoted from Merit to P&S positions through a search process.

Promotion Competitive – Employee is moving to a position with a higher pay grade through the bidding and interview process (Merit only).

Promotion Non Competitive – Employee is promoted within the department to a position with a higher pay grade (Merit only).

Reappointment – Reappointment of a Graduate Assistant, Temporary Faculty, Term or Contract P&S employee, or Temporary Merit employee.

Reassignment – Management-determined lateral transfer (P&S), move to another department (Faculty and Graduate Assistant), move to Interim DDH or Institutional Official position.

Reclass – As a result of a formal job evaluation, a position is determined to be included in a different classification (Job Title).

Shift Change – Shift employee is working changes (Merit only).

Title Change – Same position, but Position Title or Job Title (i.e., class title) changes. Pay grade does not change (P&S only). Employee moves to new position on Interim basis (Faculty/DDH/Institutional Official only).

Work Schedule – Hours per week or months per year worked by the employee changes.