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Free WW @ UNI Community

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Welcome to the Community Page

This is new page is a one-stop location for all updates and exciting resources for the Free WW @ UNI Community.

Let's Get Moving

You have likely heard, "sitting is the new smoking." Sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for our health. The American Heart Association recommends we, "Sit less, move more." But how? It is recommended for every 30 minutes we sit, we get up and walk five minutes at a brisk pace. Learn more movement strategies on the Well-being Movement page.

WW Resources


WW webinars are open to the entire group, even those not participating in WW, for additional support. After the date of the webinar has passed, the webinar will be available on demand.

When: Available On Demand (1 hour)
Topic: Introducing WW FreestyleTM Webinar to Employees
Register Here: WW Online Registration

When: Available On Demand (1 hour)
Topic: Chef Ryan - Wholesome Cooking Techniques
Register Here: WW Online Registration

When: Available On Demand (1 hour)
Topic: WW Experience
Register Here: WW Online Registration

Helpful Tips

UNI WW Coach Contact

Therese Callaghan
Employee Well-being Coordinator

Customer Service Support

Need a quick response WW support representative? Support is just a phone call away by contacting their customer service at 1-866-204-2885.

Healthy Recipes

There is now a way to share healthy and delicious recipes that you have tried with the community. Using the simple web form you can add recipes from your home or phone and have the entire community notified when they are posted.

If you have any questions regarding the recipe submission, please contact Therese Callaghan, at

picture of pasta salad with tomatoes
picture of key lime cheesecake
picture of sugar cookies stacked, and sprinkled with colored sugars
picture of cherry tomatoes with basil and mozzarella on a skewer
picture of chowder
Image of cooked chicken with vegetables in a pan.
Image of tomato based soup with noodles.