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UNI Employee Spouse WW Membership

Employee Spouse WW Membership

Administered By Human Resource Services

Spouses May Join WW Anytime at a Discount

Spouses of eligible UNI employees can join WW as a paying member at any time during the year. Promotions vary from month to month.

Sign-up for WW

  1. Access

  2. You'll then enter your company's Access ID 15316494.
    When entering in the UNI access ID, you will select spouse. You must select the box verifying that you meet eligibility criteria as a spouse of an eligible employee. Individuals found to not meet the eligibility criteria will be removed from membership.

You will then be able to choose between the digital plan for $18 a month which includes access to digital tools, or digital plus workshop for $40 a month. The digital plus workshop includes digital tools and access to virtual and/or in-person weekly workshops. Only digital plus workshop members can work toward and achieve lifetime membership.

Paying members can cancel at any time. For concerns or assistance regarding membership contact WW Customer Care at 1-800-651-6000.