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The 2022 Benefits Open Enrollment period is Monday, November 1 through Tuesday, November 30, 2021. For more information and to enroll in a 2022 FSA please visit the Open Enrollment website.

Any enrollment changes you make will take effect January 1, 2022.

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Discounts and Services

Additional Resources for Faculty and Staff

UNI Employee Discount and Services Information

This page contains an overview of some of the discounts and services offered to UNI employees from our benefit vendors. Retail establishments in the Cedar Valley may also offer discounts to UNI employees, ask them before making a purchase.

Blue365® Health and Wellness Deals

If you are a member of a health insurance plan offered at UNI, then you are eligible for savings through the Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies member discounts. Savings are just a few clicks away. Some deals will give you a coupon code instantly on the Blue365® site. This coupon code can be applied directly to a purchase on a vendor’s website or will provide a discounted option on a product or service.

Other deals may take you to a vendor’s website directly to make a discounted purchase or enroll in a special discounted program instantly.

Blue365® Categories

  • Fitness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Personal Care
  • Lifestyle
  • Financial Health
  • Wellness

DeltaVision® Discount Plan

University of Northern Iowa non-temporary employees enrolled in Delta Dental of Iowa are automatically eligible for a vision discount program through DeltaVision® at no extra cost.

Present your Delta Dental ID at a participating provider to take advantage of the following features:

  • Discounts on eye exams
  • Discounted pricing for lens and lens options
  • Savings on eyeglass frames and conventional contact lenses
  • Unlimited use
  • Discounts on LASIK and PRK
  • Competitive pricing on contact lenses through Contact Lens by Mail
  • Access to a large, diverse network of providers

To take advantage of this discount, simply locate a DeltaVision® provider by calling 1-866-246-9041 or visit the DeltaVision® website. When you schedule your appointment, inform the office that you are a Delta Dental member with a DeltaVision® discount plan. Once you arrive at your appointment, present your Delta Dental ID card to receive the discounted services.

This vision discount plan offered by Delta Dental will not work in conjunction with Avesis Vision insurance – you must use one or the other.

For more information on the discount program, please review the DeltaVision® Discount Plan Flyer.

Delta Dental Hearing Discount Benefits

Many daily exposures can contribute to hearing loss. Delta Dental has partnered with Amplifon to provide hearing discounts to Delta Dental members. Discounts include:

  • Up to $125 off a hearing exam
  • Up to $2,995 off per hearing device – includes all major brands and technology levels
  • One year of free follow-up care
  • Free batteries for two years
  • Three year warranty for loss, repairs or damage

To take advantage of this discount call 866-925-1698 or visit the Delta Dental Hearing Discount website.

Principal Discounts and Services


Through your group benefits with Principal Life Insurance Company, you are eligible for several discounts and services. Use them to help make a positive impact on your physical and fiscal well-being. Offered by some of the most trusted companies in the U.S., these discounts and services are one more way Principal Life gives you an edge. These discounts are not insurance.


The discounts and services listed here are available to members, and/or their dependents or beneficiaries, with group coverage underwritten by or with administrative services provided by Principal Life Insurance Company.

Available With All Products

Laser Vision Correction – Through the National Lasik Network, administered by LCA-Vision, Inc., you, your spouse and dependent children receive savings on one of the most frequently performed elective surgeries in America. The discount includes 15% off standard pricing or 5% off promotional pricing. or 888-647-3937

Hearing Aid Program / AHB – Through American Hearing Benefits, Inc. (AHB), you, your spouse, children, parents and grandparents can receive free annual hearing screenings. In addition, you are all eligible for up to 60% off digital hearing aids as well as a deluxe warranty package at no additional charge. or 877-890-4694

Available With Life

Travel Assistance – You, your spouse and dependent children (whether traveling together or separately) have access to travel, medical, legal and financial assistance plus emergency medical evacuation benefits provided by AXA Assistance1 when traveling domestically or internationally more than 100 miles from home for up to 120 consecutive days. Available with group term life insurance only.

Will & Legal Document Center – You and your spouse have free access to resources and tools provided by ARAG®2 to create a Will, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Treatment Authorization for Minors. Estate Planning resources and a Personal Information Organizer are also included. Enter your group policy number: 1120981

Identity Theft Kit – This valuable resource from ARAG provides you with information on how to protect your identity and restore it if stolen. Enter your group policy number: 1120981

Beneficiary Support – Beneficiaries receive Grief Support Services from Magellan Healthcare. Financial professionals are available to help beneficiaries with insurance proceeds. Spouses and dependents also receive three months of free online access to will preparation services provided by ARAG.

1 Participants are responsible for any incurred fees or expenses. Insured transportation services are administered by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. and underwritten by a third party licensed insurance company.

2 The use of the services provided by ARAG® Services, LLC should not be considered as a substitute for consultation with an attorney.

Principal Life and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability or damages related to the use of the discounts and services.

The discounts and services are not a part of the policy or contract and may be changed or discontinued at any time. Although Principal Life has arranged to make these programs available to you, the third party providers are solely responsible for their products and services.

Legal Services Discount through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees are eligible for one free 30 minute consultation with an attorney. After the initial consultation, employees will receive 25% off additional legal services. Employees may also receive a 10% discount on legal documentation preparation. To access services call 800-327-4692. To learn more about EAP visit our webpage.

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