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Taking Ownership

Healthy You, Healthy Plan

Your health matters. Making smart health choices should always be a part of your daily life. Not only does it benefit you, it benefits our self-insured plans by keeping costs down.

  1. Know Before You Go
  2. WAIT... Do Not Fill Your Prescription Yet
  3. You Have So Many Choices, Let Us Help You Choose!
  4. Health Insurance Made Easy
  5. Employee Well-being
  6. Healthy Weight @ UNI
  7. What To Do In The Case of a Serious Health Condition
  8. Preventive Care, FREE Services For You and Your Family
  9. Seasonal Flu Prevention Basics

Planning Today for Tomorrow

Knowing you are on track to meeting your financial goals is important to your overall well-being and reaching your desired financial freedom.

  1. Maximize Your Savings on Healthcare and Dependent Care
  2. Dreaming of Becoming a Millionaire? Plan at UNI
HRS introduces MAX. Max is character designed to help support your financial and retirement planning with tips and highlighting resources.

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