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About Us

About Human Resource Services

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for organizing, directing and evaluating programs related to the recruitment, development, retention, and retirement of employees while complying with applicable governmental regulations.

UNI Human Resource Services (HRS) is a department within the Finance & Operations. Complementary departments to HRS are Office of Compliance and Equity Management (OCEM) and Payroll.

Our Mission

Human Resource Services fosters an environment of integrity and collaboration through innovative solutions and communications contributing to the successful recruitment, development, and retention of University employees.

Value Statements

  • Integrity – We advocate and demonstrate truthfulness, equity, ethical behavior, and honor our commitments in a culture of mutual respect.
  • Professionalism – We listen objectively and serve as a positive role model in all aspects of our conduct and performance.
  • Relationships – We actively build and maintain respectful partnerships that support the success of the University.
  • Service – We are committed to meeting the needs of the University community while modeling a high level of stewardship.

Human Resource Services Staff

Department Leader
Michelle Byers Assistant Vice President & Director 319-273-2422
Benefits & HRIS Team
Beth Kuehl HRIS & Benefits Administrator 319-273-3425
A. Jay Behnke HRIS Specialist 319-273-2572
Therese Callaghan Employee Well-being Coordinator 319-273-4246
Miranda Cornish Secretary III (Benefits Specialist) 319-273-2423
Tammi Dean Clerk IV (HRIS) 319-273-7734
Carissa Johnson Clerk IV (HRIS) carissa.k.johnson@uni 319-273-2954
Jesse Lahmann Benefits Coordinator 319-273-2824
Employment Team
Lisa Frush Employment Manager 319-273-6060
Jennifer Cole Clerk IV (P&S Employment) 319-273-3424
Melissa Engdahl P&S Employment Coordinator 319-273-6300
Tresa Habinck Clerk IV (Merit Employment) 319-273-2503
Scott Klahsen Faculty & Merit Employment Coordinator 319-273-6110
Katie Sires Secretary II (Reception) 319-273-2422
Employee Relations Team
Toni Babcock Employee Relations Manager 319-273-2422
Melissa Ward Employee Leave & Accommodation Coordinator 319-273-6164

Contact Information

Employment and/or Income Verification

The University of Northern Iowa uses The Work Number® to provide automated employment and income verifications.

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