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My Benefits | Catastrophic Leave Donations

Covered Employee Groups

Academic Administrators, Institutional Officials, Merit AFSCME, Merit Confidential, Merit Supervisory, and P&S


Vacation time may be donated to the sick leave account of an eligible employee at UNI who is suffering from a catastrophic illness and has exhausted all vacation and sick leave.

Catastrophic illness or injury is defined as a medical condition for which a physician has certified is likely to result in a loss of 30 or more work days.

Leave shall be donated in increments of one hour or more on a pay period basis. The total amount of donations received by one employee each pay period cannot exceed the employee's regularly scheduled hours of work for that pay period.

Total leave donations received by an employee may not exceed the amount necessary to cover the 90 working day, Long Term Disability waiting period.

NOTE: Employee's applying for catastrophic leave have one year from the date of their eligibility to use their donations. Employee's donating hours to the catastrophic leave program may not see the donation reduced from their vacation/compensatory time balance until up to one year later. Once hours are pledged they cannot be returned before the recipient leaves the program unless the donor terminates employment.

For questions on catastrophic leave please contact