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The 2021 Benefits Open Enrollment period is Sunday, November 1 through Monday, November 30, 2020. For more information and to enroll in a 2021 FSA please visit the Open Enrollment website.

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My Benefits | Health Care Know Before You Go

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Before Your Next Doctor's Appointment

Prior to an appointment, do you ever wonder how much a service or doctor's visit is going to cost you? Or, how much it will cost your self-insured health plan?

Wellmark has resources to assist you in finding lower costing options when seeking services or facilities. This in turn will help you by keeping your costs down, and when you keep your costs down, the premiums for the self-insured health plans stay low too.

Wellmark also has a helpful guide on questions you should ask before a procedure, during a hospital stay, and after receiving care. Please use this guide for assistance.

Information on this page is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication.

Cost Estimator

Through your myWellmark account, you can access Care Finder and the cost estimator tool. This tool can provide you insight into how much a procedure, service, or doctor's visit will cost depending on where you seek service. This will not only show your out-of-pocket cost, but also what the service will cost the health plan.

The Iowa Hospital Association also provides an Iowa Hospital Charges Compare tool that allows you to compare the cost of service offered by Iowa Hospitals.

The costs of services cost more when a member seeks services out-of-state. This is to portray the differences in costs for the PPO Plan, UNI Blue Advantage only has coverage out-of-state for accidental injuries or emergencies.

Saving Money On Local Health Care Services
 Best Value
Services & ResponsibilityOut-of-StateIn-State
Well Child Exam - Your Out-of-Pocket$0$0
Well Child Exam - Charge to UNI Self-insured Plan$173$132
Adult Checkup - Your Out-of-PocketYour Plan Co-payYour Plan Co-pay
Adult Checkup - Charge to UNI Self-insured Plan$236 - $280$98 - $158
Eye Exam - Your Out-of-Pocket$0$0
Eye Exam - Charge to UNI Self-insured Plan$158 - $234$96 - $200

Do It For Your Health, Do It At UNI

Two other services that are offered on campus, that will save you and the plan money, are flu shots and biometric screenings. When completed on campus, the Well-being program is charged at a negotiated rate. When completed off campus, our health plans are charged.

Savings By Doing It At UNI
 Best Value
Service & ResponsibilityOff CampusOn Campus
Flu Shot - Your Out-of-PocketYour Plan Co-pay$0
Flu Shot - Charge to UNI Self-insured Plan$47$0
Biometric Screening - Your Out-of-PocketYour Plan Co-pay$0
Biometric Screening - Charge to UNI Self-insured Plan$158$0

Wellmark Doc Find

By seeing an in-network provider, you won’t ever have to pay the difference between what Wellmark allows for a covered service, and what the provider charges. Utilize the Doc Find on to determine if your doctors and facilities are considered in-network, or out-of-network for your plan. If your doctor or facility is out-of-network, you can be billed for the difference of what Wellmark would have paid if that doctor of facility was in-network. This is called being balance billed, and whatever amount you owe from balance billing, does not go towards your out-of-pocket maximum.

You Have So Many Choices, Let Us Help You Choose!

A resource to help you learn more about each health care option when seeking treatment. In the case of a life-threatening illness or injury, always go to the nearest emergency room.