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Nursing Mothers and Lactation Rooms

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As part of our family-friendly benefits, the University of Northern Iowa supports breastfeeding mothers by accommodating the mother who wishes to express breast milk during their workday. In addition, if you have a health plan with the University, your plan may cover part of the cost for a breast pump. A breast pump is considered durable medical equipment. Please check the coverage manual of your plan for details.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, employees must be provided with a reasonable break time to express breast milk. The employee and their immediate supervisor will agree on the times for breaks needed to express milk.

The University provides five private lactation rooms for mothers to use to express milk. Lactation rooms are located in Gilchrist Hall, Bartlett Hall, Maucker Union, Schindler, and in the Child Development Center at Nielsen Field House.

University Lactation Room Locations

Building Name Room Information
Gilchrist Hall The lactation room number is 114 and is located directly across from the Registrar’s office on the first floor. The Gilchrist Lactation Room is furnished with a chair and a small table. It also has a small refrigerator reserved for the specific storage of breast milk, a small sink for washing, and microwave for sterilizing.
Bartlett Hall The lactation room number is 0022. It is furnished with a chair and a small sink for washing.
Nielsen Field House The lactation room number is 033, and it is located in the Child Development Center. The room is furnished with a glider, lamp, table, and hand-washing sink.
Maucker Union The lactation room is located in the corridor that connects Maucker Union and Lang Hall, room 030. The room is furnished with a table, chair, and footstool. There is also a refrigerator and changing table, plus a sink and paper towels. This room locks from the inside so there is no key needed.
Schindler The lactation rooms are located in 146 (1st floor) and 608 (6th floor). Both rooms lock from the inside so there is no key needed. There is not a calendar or schedule for using these rooms.


Employees wishing to use a lactation room that requires a key need to complete the online Key Request Form. The employee will be contacted when the key is ready for pick up and should allow a minimum of five business days for the request to be processed. Please refer to lactation room procedure and rules for additional information on each room. The room procedure and rules are also posted in each lactation room.

Human Resource Services maintains a key for Gilchrist Room 114. There is also a Google Calendar designated for this lactation room which may be accessed by emailing Visitors to campus who wish to use a lactation room can contact HRS at 319-273-2422 for assistance regarding room availability and options.

The University reserves the right to require medical certification to support the stated intent of breaks used to express milk and use of room.

Contact Information

Melissa Ward
Employee Leave & Accommodations Coordinator
27 Gilchrist Hall
Human Resource Services
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0034

Phone: (319) 273-6164
Fax: (319) 273-2927

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1Q: How do I request a key for the lactation room?

    1A: Complete a Key Request Form online. You will be contacted when your key is ready to be picked up.

  2. 2Q: How is each room scheduled for use?

    2A: Human Resource Services maintains a Google Calendar™ for scheduling use of this room. If the room is not otherwise scheduled, visitors may also be allowed to utilize the room upon request. Please contact or 273-2423, in order to be added to the calendar or to request use.

  3. 3Q: How do I let people know the lactation room is in use?

    3A: There is a latch that will turn with the lock of the door, to show the room is occupied when locked and vacant when not locked. Please lock the door while in use.

  4. 4Q: Who is able to gain access to each lactation room?

    4A: Only nursing mothers will be provided a key and access to use the lactation room.

  5. 5Q: When I no longer need to use the room, what do I do with my key?

    5A: When you no longer need room access, please return your key to the key shop. The key can then be reissued to other nursing mothers who may need it.