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Dual Spouse Discount for Family Plans

Information and Support for Faculty and Staff


If you and your spouse are both employed by the University of Northern Iowa in positions that are benefits eligible, you may enroll in a discounted family plan which reduces the employee cost of the health and dental insurance. You will be covered under a family plan, which requires a 'contract holder' and a 'spouse.' Either spouse may be the 'contract holder', and all claims are filed in the name of the 'contract holder'.

In the event that either benefit eligible employee terminates employment or becomes ineligible for benefits the spouses will have to enroll in the family option for their health plan and pay the family premium.

If the 'contract holder' terminates their employment at the university a life event will be initiated to the eligible employee to change their insurance enrollments through Benefits Self-Service.

Premiums January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023
Insurance Plan Dual Spouse 1/12 Annual Premium Non-Discounted 1/12 Annual Premium
UNI PPO (Alliance Select) Family Plan $189.75 $379.50
UNI Blue Advantage (HMO) Family Plan $28.65 $200.40
UNI Dental Plan $46.50 $54.75

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1Q: I was recently hired at UNI and my spouse already works here, how can we get signed up for the discounted dual spouse family plan?

    1A: If you qualify for the dual spouse discount, to enroll log in to Benefits Self-Service

  2. 2Q: I’m a P&S employee and my spouse is Faculty, do we still qualify for the dual spouse discount?

    2A: Yes. However, you must determine who the 'contract holder' is and will pay the premiums through payroll deduction.

  3. 3Q: My spouse and I are currently enrolled in the dual spouse discounted family plan but I have been reduced to less than half-time, do we still qualify?

    3A: No, you both must be eligible for benefits in order to qualify for the dual spouse discount. Employees who work less than half-time are not benefits eligible.

  4. 4Q: What happens if either I, or my spouse, terminate employment with the university and we currently receive the dual spouse discount?

    4A: The remaining spouse will become the 'contract holder' and the non-discounted family premium will be deducted from their paycheck.

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