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Telework Resources

Telework Resources

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Telework is defined as any work arrangement that allows employees to work outside of their primary worksite at an alternate location, on a regular basis, at least one day a week, pursuant to an approved agreement. UNI provides telework arrangements to employees when it is mutually beneficial to both the University and the employee and takes into consideration both the abilities and characteristics of the employee and the nature of the work.

For successful teleworking, supervisors must communicate clearly about expectations and check in regularly. Suggested items to be discussed and/or clarified in writing at the outset of a teleworking arrangement should include:

  1. Work schedule and means of contacting the employee while teleworking.
  2. Supervisor expectations of how the work will be performed, delivered and reviewed.
  3. The plan for responsibilities that cannot be fulfilled while working remotely and how the impact of this may be reduced.
  4. Requirements for the employee’s participation or intermittent presence on campus and expectations for communicating as a team (virtual team meetings, etc.).
  5. Who is responsible for obtaining any equipment, software, etc. that may be needed. Pursuant to policy 4.26, before removing any equipment from the university campus or receiving any equipment through direct delivery, the teleworker must complete the Fixed Assets Off-Campus Use Form.
  6. How to set up call forwarding and/or how to access voicemail from home.
  7. The plan for managing distractions in the employee’s home work environment. During this limited period, employees may be balancing sick family members and work. While telecommuting isn’t a replacement for childcare, the commitments and expectations of time off versus work should be discussed.
  8. Clarify that if the employee becomes unable to work due to illness, childcare obligations, etc. they must notify the supervisor and use appropriate leave accruals.
  9. A periodic review of the telework arrangement; indicate that arrangements may be modified or discontinued as conditions warrant.
  10. Clarify that employees are responsible for the safety and security of all university property.
  11. How any confidential information will be appropriately safeguarded.
  12. Review the Telework Self-Certification Checklist.

Telework Forms

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