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  • P&S Search Process: Stage 3 - Selection

P&S Search Process: Stage 3 - Selection


The P&S Search Process is a collaborative effort designed to identify and match highly qualified professionals with an advertised vacancy. Led by a search committee, candidate evaluation and selection is guided by the P&S Employment Coordinator and the Office of Compliance and Equity Management.

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Step 10: Complete Reference Checks and Work History Verification

Responsibility: Search Chair

Conduct reference checks on the successful applicant, if not already done. For additional information, view:

Step 11: Select Applicant

Responsibility: Hiring Official & Search Chair

Following the interviews, evaluate the applicants and make a selection. When an applicant has been selected, the offer letter should be drafted.

Step 12: Complete Search and Selection Summary in Jobs@UNI

Responsibility: Search Committee Administrator

  • Once applicants have completed on-campus interviews, the Search Chair will need to edit the post-interview rating codes for each applicant interviewed. The Search Chair will prompt Jobs@UNI to send the Search Administrator an automated email indicating the Search and Selection Summary can now be completed.
  • The Search Administrator completes the Search and Selection Summary in Jobs@UNI to indicate the applicant that has been selected to be hired and submits into workflow for approval. Refer to the Search & Selection Summary support pages for step by step instructions.
  • Send the draft offer letter for the applicant selected to the P&S Employment Coordinator (electronic version through email preferred). Do not extend a verbal or written offer until approved to do so.

Step 13: Compensation and Offer Letter Review

Responsibility: Human Resource Services

Step 14: Final Approval of Offer

Responsibility: Completed in Jobs@UNI

Step 15: Make Verbal Offer and Send Written Offer and Credential Background Check Form to Applicant

Responsibility: Hiring Official

Once the Search & Selection Summary has been approved in Jobs@UNI, the department may make a verbal offer to the selected applicant and follow-up with a written offer letter and the Credential Background Check Form for completion.

Step 16: Obtain Signed Offer Letter from Applicant and Credential Background Check Form and Send to HRS; Create New Hire PAF

Responsibility: Hiring Official

If the applicant accepts the offer and a signed offer letter is received, the hiring department will:

  • Forward the signed offer letter and Credential Background Check Form to HRS ASAP. HRS will complete the credential verification, submit the e-link to the applicant to complete the background check and notify the hiring manager upon completion that the hire is official.
  • Search chair sends out e-mail notification in Jobs@UNI to all other applicants letting them know the position has been filled.
  • Search chair sends Request to Close Requisition.
  • Create a New Hire PAF.

Please Note:Please retain all search materials and notes for three years in a secure location.

Step 17: Send New Hire Email to Employee and New Hire Checklist to Supervisor

Responsibility: Human Resource Services

New hire emails will be sent to the new employee. For additional information, the new employee can also view the New Employees website. The new hire checklist for supervisors will also be sent; however, you can also access it by viewing the Supervisor's New Employee Checklist handout.

Step 18: Begin Department Orientation and Sign Position Description

Responsibility: Hiring Official

The department should begin orientation and sign the Position Description and return it to HRS.

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