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  • Remote Form I-9 Completion Employee Instructions

Remote Form I-9 Completion Employee Instructions

Pursuant to federal law, new employees must report to the Human Resource Services (HRS) office to complete Form I-9 in person, on or before their first day of employment. Other new hire forms are required as well. In cases where new employees are not physically able to report to HRS on or before their first day of employment, they must remotely complete Form I-9 in collaboration with HRS and a remote Form I-9 section 2 completer.

Step 1:

The new employee must print Form I-9 and complete Section 1 no later than their first day of employment.

Step 2:

The new employee must locate an individual to serve as UNI's Authorized Representative for the purposes of completing section 2 of Form I-9. Possible options for Form I-9 section 2 completers include:

  • Notary Publics
  • The College and University Personnel Association (CUPA-HR) has developed a Form I-9 Reciprocal Processing Consortium which is a listing of higher education institutions who are willing to provide reciprocal processing of Form I-9. Contact HRS at 319-273-2422 and provide the employee's zip code. HRS will then provide a list of institutions nearest to the employee's zip code that can assist them in completing their Form I-9, along with the name and contact information for the institution's Form I-9 contact
  • Licensed Attorneys
  • Temporary staffing agency employees or others employed in a human resources capacity

Step 3:

The new employee must notify HRS at 319-273-2422 of the selected Form I-9 section 2 completer and their contact information. HRS will make arrangements with you for the secure return of other new hire paperwork and with your designated I-9 completer to return the completed Form I-9. Per federal regulations for Form I-9, HRS must receive the completed form no later than the third day of employment.

Additional Notes:

  • If applicable, the employee must pay any fee charged by the Section 2 completer.
  • Section 2 of Form I-9 must not be completed by the new employee or friends or family of the new employee.
  • If there are questions about the remote Form I-9 options or instructions, please call 319-273-2422.

Completing Other New Hire Paperwork Remotely

The following other new hire paperwork must be completed and returned to Human Resource Services either by US Mail or via the secure electronic process noted above in Step 3. Contact HRS at 319-273-2422 for more information.

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Human Resource Services
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