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Staff Variable Pay Programs

Staff Variable Pay Programs

Administered By Human Resource Services

Exceptional & SPOT Performance Awards

P&S and Merit staff are eligible for two types of variable pay: Exceptional Performance Awards and SPOT Performance Awards. The Exceptional Performance Award for Merit staff must be in accordance with Regents Merit System Rule 3.39(10)

Variable Pay awarded for exceptional performance is the result of a goal achievement or significant accomplishment such as revenue generation or cost reduction, large and/or complex project completion, significant contribution to strategic plan initiatives, sustained high level performance, exceeding performance goals, etc.

SPOT awards are designed to recognize special contributions over a relatively short time period and/or recognize highly effective behaviors.

 Exceptional Performance AwardSPOT Performance Award
EligibilityEmployed at UNI in a non-temporary position for at least 12 consecutive months.Non-temporary employee; no minimum employment period required.
Performance ExpectationsSuccessful Performance, Exceeds Expectations or Exceptional overall performance appraisal rating within past 12 months.Successful Performance, Exceeds Expectations or Exceptional overall performance appraisal rating within past 12 months.
Payment AmountLump sum of no more than 10% of appointment base salary per fiscal year.Lump sum where each award cannot total more than $250.00.
Request FrequencyStaff members may receive more than one per fiscal year, but combined amount may not exceed 10% of appointment base salary per fiscal year. No more than 10% of a College or division’s staff is eligible to receive an Exceptional Performance Award each fiscal year.Staff member may receive no more than four awards per fiscal year. Multiple SPOT Performance Awards to the same staff members must be submitted at least 30 days apart.

Process For Award Payments

  1. Department heads interested in submitting a Merit or P&S Exceptional Performance Award subject to the college/division fiscal year limits should first check with the Administrative Assistant in their division head’s office to see if the 10% limit has already been met for the fiscal year. 
  2. To obtain all necessary approvals a Bonus Personnel Action Form (BNP PAF) must be submitted prior to communicating the award/bonus payment to the staff member. In the comments, include a justification for the award indicating the specific accomplishment or achievement.
  3. BNP PAF routes for approvals.
  4. Once the department head receives a notification email that the PAF has been fully approved, the department may communicate the payment to the staff member and provide them with a letter.
    1. Staff Award Payment Letter
  5. A copy of the signed notification letter to the staff member must be attached to the PAF or separately sent to HRS. It may not be issued to the staff member until the PAF is fully approved.

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