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  • ACA | Affordable Care Act (ACA) UNI Blue Advantage (HMO) Eligible Employees

ACA | Affordable Care Act (ACA) UNI Blue Advantage (HMO) Eligible Employees

Non-Temporary Employee Reducing to Below 20 Hours A Week
Temporary Merit and Professional & Scientific (P&S) Staff

Employees eligible for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Blue Advantage Plan (HMO) will receive communication from Human Resource Services with additional resources and instructions for enrolling or waiving coverage. For more detailed information on ACA, visit UNI's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) website.

ACA Eligibility Profile Coverage Options

 Paid Hourly - Employee 1/9 Annual PremiumPaid Hourly - Employee 1/10 Annual PremiumPaid Salary - Employee 1/12 Annual PremiumEmployee Annual PremiumUNI Annual Premium
Single ACA UNI Blue Advantage$137.33$123.60$103.00$1,236.00$8,224.68
Family ACA UNI Blue Advantage$2,290.81$2,061.73$1,718.11$20,617.30$0.00

Waiver of Enrollment

If an eligible employee would like to enroll in the ACA UNI Blue Advantage (HMO) plan they have 30 days from their hire date to complete and return the enrollment form to Human Resource Services or coverage will be waived.

Returning to Work

Retirees who are rehired to work for the university may become eligible for the group plan under the ACA. If the ACA UNI Blue Advantage (HMO) plan is elected, the retiree forfeits the ability to continue retiree health and dental coverage, and will not be allowed to enroll back into their retiree group plan once they are no longer eligible for coverage under the ACA.

Coverage End Date

Coverage will end on the last day of the month the appointment is no longer eligible or the last day of the termination month--whichever comes first.