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Employee Checklist When Leaving

Employee Checklist When Leaving Employment

Information and Support for Faculty and Staff
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When your employment at UNI will be ending, please utilize the checklist below to learn about the impacts and take action on items that are applicable to you.

Employment/Benefits Items

Submit a signed resignation or retirement letter to your supervisor/department head and Human Resource Services (HRS).

Staff: The effective date should be your last day worked. Pursuant to the Terminations and Terminal Vacation Pay policy, any unused vacation or personal holiday accruals will be paid out to you, but cannot be used to extend your termination effective date. For athletic staff with a Contract appointment, refer to policy above.

Faculty: For faculty leaving at the end of the Fall semester, your separation date should be December 31. For faculty leaving at the end of the Spring semester, your separation date should be June 1. If you will have a summer appointment or are leaving other than at the end of a semester, contact Scott Klahsen in HRS for assistance in determining the effective date.

You will receive an exit survey and benefits information by email. Please email if you would like to schedule an appointment to review your exit survey responses in more detail.

Provide HRS with address changes for delivery of tax and benefit documents.

For information on when benefits end due to a separation from the university, please refer to the What Happens When My Employment is Ending webpage. For employees who are retiring, please visit the Retiring From UNI webpage. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) offers continuation of health, dental, vision and health care flexible spending for a limited period of time after separation. If you are eligible for COBRA information will be sent to you via US mail to the home address on file.

View the Emeritus Privileges webpage to see if you may be eligible for Emeritus Policy. If you qualify and are interested in applying, complete the online Emeritus Request form.

Payroll/Business Operations Items

Submit your final timecard (and any outstanding/past due) on your last day of work to allow for timely processing of your final paycheck and any applicable unused accrual payout(s).

Staff: Staff are eligible for a payout of unused vacation/personal holiday accruals when leaving UNI for any reason. For retirees, unused sick leave accruals will be paid out up to a maximum of $2,000.

Faculty: For retirees, unused sick leave accruals will be paid out up to a maximum of $2,000.

If transferring to another Regents Institution or State of Iowa agency, you may request to transfer accrued, unused vacation and/or sick leave. If approved by the receiving institution, complete the Leave Balances Transfer Request Form. Contact Payroll at 3-6425 with questions.

Your final payslip and W-2 will be mailed to your address on file. Print any previous payslips or W-2s you may need as your access to Employee Self-Service will be ended.

Verify and submit final expense report and procurement card bill, if applicable. Turn in procurement card to department secretary or your supervisor/department head.

IT Items

Your UNI Google account will be deprovisioned, by default, 90 days after your last day at UNI (for faculty) or 1 day after your last day (for staff). Set up an out of office message directing senders to the correct contact person. Work documents or other content in Google Drive should be transferred to your department or to a Google Shared Drive. Contact the IT Service Desk at 3-5555 for assistance with this. Personal data associated with your Google account (email, calendar, docs, etc.) should be removed from the account or transferred to a personal account by your last day of work. Accounts with a domain are available to anyone who has graduated with a degree from UNI. To obtain, submit a request.

If you are the owner of a departmental email account (this includes faculty advisors for student groups), you will need to transfer ownership of the account to someone in your department. To do this, follow these instructions.

Access to the Learning Management system will end 120 days after your departure. For faculty with Emeritus status, this access will be retained.

If you receive UNI Alert notifications (cell phone, landline, email and/or text messages about campus community emergencies, threats to physical safety, canceled classes, etc.) and would like to opt out of future notifications, log into MyUniverse and click on "Manage My UNI Alert Contacts" in the Emergency Preparedness section.

Property/Parking Items

Contact Ann Kjeld by email or 3-2710 to turn in parking permit or to inquire about a refund. Emeritus faculty and staff receive free parking.

Return your office and building keys to the Facilities Access staff in Facilities Management.

Turn in your faculty/staff ID card to your supervisor/department head. If you are an enrolled student and need a student ID card, please go to the Housing & Dining Office located at 010 Redeker Center. For retirees, if you would like a new ID card then you will need to exchange your current card for a retiree card at the Housing & Dining Office located at 010 Redeker Center.

Return cell phones, laptops, research supplies and instrumentation, desk and filing cabinet keys, manuals, handbooks, documents, uniforms, and all other UNI property to your supervisor/department head.

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