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  • Health Care Choices For Services

Health Care Choices For Services

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Choosing Where to Receive Health Services

Information on this page is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication.

Telemedicine Services

Consult a physician from your phone, tablet, or computer by using Doctor On Demand. Utilize a virtual office visit as an optional alternative to walk-in clinics with a board certified physician, or licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. This type of visit is designed to save you time and help save the university self-insured health plans money. It is also very convenient and prevents exposure to other contagious illnesses at an urgent care office.

Do you have a question about your health? Call one of Wellmark's nurses 24/7. They can help assess symptoms and connect you to the care you need. Call anytime, 844-84-BEWELL (844-84-239355).

Doctor's Office

Traditional medical facility in which one or more medical doctors, usually general practitioners, receive and treat patients. This may be your Designated Personal Doctor's office. Appointments are usually required for treatment and care.

Urgent Care Center

Use this faster, less expensive choice if you get sick or hurt. Receiving care at an Urgent or Convenient Care Center can provide savings in terms of rising premium costs. Seeking medical treatment for minor symptom treatment from an Emergency Room is more costly than receiving care at an urgent care facility.

Urgent and Convenient Care are available to you when you have a non-emergent need for treatment, and the situation is not life-threatening.

Emergency Room

Go to the emergency room (ER) in case of a life-threatening or severe sickness or injury.

Cost Comparison

Average treatment cost= $116 in a physician's office vs. $1,047 in an emergency room.

Receiving ER treatments for non-emergency medical condition is a major contributor to the rising cost of health care.

Common claims that are treated at the ER, but could be treated at Urgent Care, include:

  • x-rays
  • nausea
  • headaches

Compare Your Options

Overview of Services
SymptomsTelemedicine ServicesDoctor's OfficeUrgent Care CenterEmergency Room
Overall CostInexpensiveMediumMediumVery High
Your TimeVery FastRequires SchedulingLong WaitsVariable
Compare Your Options for less-severe Services
SymptomsTelemedicine ServicesDoctor's OfficeUrgent Care Center
Allergic Reactions (Minor)Illness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Animal Bites  Illness Emoji Icon
Asthma Attack (Minor)  Illness Emoji Icon
Back Pain  Illness Emoji Icon
Broken Bones (Minor)  Illness Emoji Icon
BronchitisIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Burns (Minor) Illness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Cold, Cough, And FluIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Cuts And Scrapes Illness Emoji Icon 
Digestive IssuesIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Ear Pain Illness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Eye Pain Or IrritationIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
FeverIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Headache (Minor)Illness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Infections  Illness Emoji Icon
Injuries (Minor)  Illness Emoji Icon
Insect Bites Illness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Mental/Behavioral HealthIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Sinus PainIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Skin ConditionsIllness Emoji Icon Illness Emoji Icon
Sore ThroatIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Sprains And Strains  Illness Emoji Icon
Stitches  Illness Emoji Icon
Urinary Tract InfectionIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon
Vaccinations Illness Emoji Icon 
VomitingIllness Emoji IconIllness Emoji Icon 
Emergency Room Services
SymptomsEmergency Room
High Fever With Headache Or Stiff NeckAmbulance Emoji Icon
Loss Of ConsciousnessAmbulance Emoji Icon
Major InjuryAmbulance Emoji Icon
OverdoseAmbulance Emoji Icon
PoisoningAmbulance Emoji Icon
SeizureAmbulance Emoji Icon
Severe Allergic ReactionAmbulance Emoji Icon
Signs Of Heart Attack Or StrokeAmbulance Emoji Icon
Spine InjuryAmbulance Emoji Icon
Sudden Severe HeadacheAmbulance Emoji Icon
Suicidal or Self Harming ThoughtsAmbulance Emoji Icon
Trouble BreathingAmbulance Emoji Icon

Free Standing Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)

ASCs are health care facilities focused on providing same–day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures. ASCs are an alternative to a hospital outpatient surgical center, where services may be significantly more costly and less convenient. Examples of ASC services include knee or shoulder arthroscopy, diagnostic and preventive screening colonoscopies, and carpal tunnel surgery. A local Cedar Valley ASC is Allen's Ambulatory Surgery Center which offers you personal attention in an atmosphere designed to ease your mind that is close to home.

Optimized to Assist You With

  • Colonoscopy
  • Arthroscopy of the knee
  • Hand surgery
  • Cataract removal
  • Hernia repair

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