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Performance Appraisals


It is expected that Merit and P&S employees receive a formal review of their performance annually. The performance appraisal meeting serves as a collaborative planning session during which both the supervisor and employee can take an in-depth look at past and current performances and can together set new goals and objectives for the coming year. Performance appraisals are to be conducted annually; however, a more frequent assessment of performance may be arranged as required. Additionally, Merit and P&S employees may also request a performance appraisal at any time.

There is annual education offered, along with several documents to assist employees and supervisors in this process. The actual review is a dedicated opportunity to comment on an employee's performance; however, it should be a continual process. The education offered will help supervisors see the benefits of offering feedback and conducting performance appraisals. Expanding the understanding of the goal setting process, documenting performance using a critical incident form, and also focus on preparing, conducting and following-up to a performance appraisal are all covered topics.

Performance Management Process Cycle of Ongoing Feedback, Performance Evaluation, and Goal Setting.

Remember, the actual Performance Evaluation is just one part of the ongoing cycle.