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Healthy Eating Tools

Supporting Services for UNI Faculty and Staff

The university supports and encourages healthy eating as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

On-Campus Dining

At UNI we are fortunate to have many nutritious (and delicious) on-campus dining options. Housing & Dining provides a full list of daily menus and nutritional information. With many fresh and local fruit and vegetable options, you can maintain your healthy diet conveniently with low cost on-campus options.

*Once you click on the location, click on the apple for nutritional information of individual food choices.

UNI Recipe Blog

To support UNI's healthy weight group, we maintain a recipe blog that includes healthy recipes corresponding with the WW program. All program participants can add their favorite recipes to share on the blog.

Additional Resources

My Plate

My Plate is a free app and online resource tool to assist you in healthy eating. It is not a weight loss program but guides you in making food choices that are a part of a nutritionally balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Harvard Healthy Eating Plate

The Harvard Healthy Eating Plate is a free resource tool designed to assist you in eating a nutritious diet to support health and wellness. Similar to My Plate, but with some variations on nutritional recommendations and emphasis more on whole grains, healthy proteins, healthy fats, and less emphasis on dairy.