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Faculty Leave of Absence Benefits | Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Professional Development Assignment?
    A Professional Development Assignment is a paid semester or academic year assignment awarded to a Faculty Member to undertake approved programs of study, research, or other professional activity.

  2. Who is eligible for a paid leave of absence?
    Tenured Faculty Members are eligible to apply for a Professional Development Assignment.

  3. What is the rate of pay for a paid leave?
    A qualifying Professional Development Assignment is awarded for one semester at their regular salary or for an academic year at fifty percent (50%) of their regular salary.

  4. Are there any regulations that must be met when I return from leave?
    The recipient of a paid Professional Development Assignment agrees to return to full-time employment for a period twice as long as the assignment following the year of the award. Failure to do so obligates the Faculty Member to pay the University an amount equal to all salaries and benefits received during the period of the assignment. If the Faculty Member returns for part of the requisite period the payback shall be adjusted pro rata.

  5. Do I get to keep my benefits during leave?
    If you qualify for a paid leave, insurance and retirement benefits are maintained during the period of a Professional Development Assignment. Benefits are not maintained during other unpaid leave, however you have the option of making contributions sufficient to maintain full and continuous coverage on any or all fringe benefits during the time of leave. Please contact Human Resource Services to arrange for continuing or discontinuing insurance or annuity program coverage after leave is approved.