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Hiring Seasonal Employees


Seasonal employment is short-term, temporary employment for true seasonal operations. At UNI, this would be limited to academic summer camps. Seasonal employment is coordinated through Human Resource Services (HRS). Seasonal staff may not be hired or begin work until proper approvals have been obtained using the Seasonal Employment Pre-Approval Form and other requirements detailed on this webpage.

Seasonal Employment Time Period

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), to be exempt, seasonal employment may only span over up to seven months each year. Iowa Code limits seasonal employment to a six month period determined by each state agency. The six month period for Regents Institutions is April 15th through October 15th each year. If any work is to be performed before or after this date, the work does not qualify as seasonal employment. In this case, a temporary appointment or student employment (if enrolled as a UNI student meeting student employment criteria) may be considered.


Seasonal employee pay is recorded on a Camp Payment Form and must be submitted to HRS by campus mail (mail code 0034), by fax (3-2927), or scanned and emailed to

Pay Schedule

A fully approved Camp Payment Form must be received in Human Resource Services (GIL 027, mail code 0034) by the Wednesday before the expected payday to allow time for processing.

  • Payment will not be processed until after the Employee End Date listed on the Camp Payment Form.
  • Student and seasonal employees follow the bi-weekly payroll schedule and are paid every other Wednesday. See the student payroll period and payday schedule on the Office of Business Operations Payroll Periods and Paydays web page.
  • Faculty/Staff payment requires a PAF and payroll is the last working day of each month.

Fringe Benefit Rates

Currently, no fringe benefits percentage is applied to seasonal employment.

Background Checks

UNI Policy 13.21 requires all camp staff, including volunteers, to have passed a criminal background check and a sex offender registry check. HRS recommends an expanded check for staff with responsibilities for overnight camps or with other potential one-on-one interaction with youth. These will be referred to as "Basic" and "Full" camp background check packages (see Seasonal Employment Pre-Approval Form ). For questions about background checks for camp staff, see the contacts listed in right margin of this page.

Steps to Hire and Pay Seasonal Staff

    1. As soon as seasonal hiring need is known, complete and route the Seasonal Employment Pre-Approval Form for signatures to obtain approval to classify positions as seasonal. Once approved, the position will be listed on the UNI Employment Opportunities page and will automatically feed to Current regulations for federal contractors require all position vacancies, including seasonal positions, lasting at least three (3) days to be listed for at least three (3) full calendar days with the state workforce development office.
    2. After approval is received, provide the required Seasonal Employment Offer Letter to selected camp staff. Provide signed copies to HRS to be imaged into each staff member's personnel file.
    3. Complete the camp spreadsheet with the camp staff to be hired. HRS will use this list to initiate required background checks and to ensure camp staff have completed required new hire paperwork.
    4. Ensure that the new camp staff completes new hire paperwork in HRS by their first day of employment. Federal regulations require that employees must complete an I-9 no later than their first day of employment and must be submitted to HRS by their third day of employment.
    5. Complete the Camp Payment Form and submit to HRS by campus mail (mail code 0034), by fax (3-2927), or scan and email to