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UNI Employee Well-being

UNI Employee Well-being

Administered By Human Resource Services

Health Matters. You Matter.

The services provided by Employee Well-being are designed to assist employees in obtaining and maintaining health and well-being in all aspects of their lives. This includes physical, financial, work, and social well-being. This program is a part of the complete benefits package provided to you by the university.

"I love how UNI created this opportunity for me to become the best me and all the support of my employer and colleagues have given me on this journey."

Healthy Weight Program Participant

"The Retirement Readiness: Retiring from UNI, Zoom session was extremely helpful. I strongly recommend the session as a valuable tool in planning for retirement."

Retirement Readiness Participant

Featured Events

Well-being Wednesday: Emotional Eating: The Connection Between Food and Mood

Human Resource Services will host an informational session focused on how our mood impacts our eating habits and what to do about it. The population of the United States is becoming increasingly obese with each passing decade. There are many speculations about the cause of this phenomenon from an increasing sedentary lifestyle, the ready availability of high caloric foods, to stress and even sleep deprivation. However, if people ate only when they were truly hungry and stopped when they were full, there would be no obesity epidemic. This workshop will address the relationship between emotions and food consumption and how to retrain your body and mind to recognize the cues of hunger and to eat for physiological and not emotional reasons. This hour long session will be offered via webcast Wednesday, February 15 at noon. Please register in advance.

Retirement Readiness: Bridging the Gap: Healthcare in Retirement Before 65

Human Resource Services will host an informational session on bridging the gap from your employer health plan to Medicare. Learn how to use the Marketplace or to price Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plans, and options such as COBRA, short term health plans, sharing programs and group plans. The hour long session will be presented by Todd Cooper with Veridian, March 1 at noon in Gilchrist 009. Please register in advance.

Well-being Challenges in 2023

Well-being Health Challenges are aimed at promoting a variety of healthy habits among the UNI community in a fun and engaging manner. Examples of healthy habits include moving more, drinking water, getting adequate rest and sleep, and maintaining a healthy weight. The challenges are for all faculty and staff and are meant to be collaborative challenges that are focused on completion.

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