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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

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At UNI we value financial wellness as a part of our employee's overall well-being. Financial concerns can increase stress, significantly impact work/life balance, and overall health and wellness. UNI offers a variety of educational sessions, resources, and tools to assist employees in reaching financial security and goals. This page provides tools and resources for you to achieve financial security now and looking forward to retiring with dignity in the years ahead.

Financial Wellness Educational Sessions

Financial Wellness Series

This series of sessions is designed for all employees regardless of their stage of life. These sessions are meant to assist you with information on topics such as financial planning, budgeting, saving, and investing.

  • Show your Money Who is Boss
    This session is led by Associate Professor of Finance, Brett Olson. He provides a proven method of eliminating debt, budgeting, and money management that leads to financial security.
  • Income Options in Retirement
    This session is led by TIAA. Learn the basic rules that govern the most common retirement accounts. Gain perspective on when to tap into different assets. Discover the flexible income choices that TIAA offers.
  • Lifetime Income: Understanding Annuities
    This TIAA led session will discuss how to plan for retirement now. It will address financial risks during working years and in retirement. The importance of creating an income stream for life and how annuities can assist with lifetime income. You will learn the basics of annuities, and how different retirement distribution strategies provide different risks and opportunities.
  • Money at Work: Foundations of Investments
    This TIAA led session will discuss planning for retirement, financial risks during working years and in retirement, the basics of annuities, and how annuities can assist in creating guaranteed lifetime income, as a part of your overall investment planning.
  • Taxes & COVID-19 Updates
    This session will provide updated information on tax laws, and updates related to legislation such as the CARES Act. This session will have time allotted for answers to your personal tax questions. This session is led by a Tax Advisor (Certified Public Account) with Carney, Alexander, Marold, & Co.

Retirement Readiness Series

This series of sessions is best fit for employees planning to retire from UNI in the next five - ten years. Individuals will learn more about their benefit options in retirement, social security, medicare supplements, and other healthcare options in retirement.

  • Retire from UNI
    This session is led by HRS benefits team and provides information you need to know to plan for your benefits in retirement. Additional UNI specific information is provided (e.g. emeritus application).
  • Social Security 101
    Participants learn how Social Security benefits impact your retirement income, and strategies to maximize your benefits. This session is led by an AIG financial advisor.
  • Social Security Q&A
    This informational session expands on the concepts discussed in Social Security 101. It provides additional time for questions and answers to your social security questions. It is led by an AIG financial advisor.
  • What You Need to Know About Medicare and Medicare Supplements
    Presented by SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program), this session provides detailed information on the basics of Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans and how to incorporate these into your retirement plan.
  • Bridging the GAP: Healthcare in Retirement Before 65
    Participants learn how to use the Marketplace or to price Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plans, and options such as COBRA, Short Term Health Plans, Sharing Programs and Group Plans. This session is led by a Health Insurance expert with Veridian Community Credit Union.
  • Cedar Valley Volunteer Opportunities
    Participants learn the numerous volunteer opportunities in the area. This will be an especially great opportunity for employees approaching retirement and exploring service opportunities in retirement. This informational session is led by the Volunteer Center of the Cedar Valley.

To sign up for these sessions, and other great informational opportunities, visit Benefits and Well-being Calendar of Events.

TIAA On-going Webinars and Consultations

EAP Resources

Free Financial Consultation

Employees are eligible for one annual financial consultation with a financial advisor to assist with budgeting, credit reports, tax preparation, financial planning, and more.

Free Legal Consultation

Employees are eligible for one annual legal consultation with an attorney to assist with a wide range of legal concerns including bankruptcy, will and estate planning, divorce, child custody, and more.

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