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Emotional Well-being

Administered By Human Resource Services

Emotional wellbeing is an important part of our overall health. Increasing our awareness and acceptance of our emotions is important to help us achieve balance. When life gets out of balance due to life circumstances and challenges, there are resources available to help.

Employee Assistance Program

The University of Northern Iowa recognizes that in the course of daily living, all employees face problems and difficulties. In some cases, these problems can become overwhelming and affect your relationships, health, performance at work, and self-respect.

Your Life Iowa

The Iowa Department of Public Health created so Iowans can chat live, text or call to get information, research treatment options, and explore nearby help.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Resources for Racial Trauma

People of Color and Indigenous Individuals may be experiencing Racial Trauma, also known as race-based traumatic stress. This trauma is caused by experiences of racial bias, discrimination, racism, and hate crimes. Recent public violent crimes against black people, including the murder of George Floyd, likely have increased and/or resurfaced past Racial Trauma. Resources are available for help.

Resources on Stress

Over time, high levels of stress lead to serious health problems, which is why it is essential to manage the stressors in your life. Tools to manage stress and increase your resiliency are essential in promoting emotional wellness. The resources below offer recommendations for reducing stress:

American Psychological Association Help Center

Employees may utilize the APA Help Center, which is an online consumer resource featuring articles and information relating to emotional well-being. Help Center interest areas include work & school, family & relationships, health & emotional wellness, disasters & terrorism, and managed care & health insurance.

Psych Central

Access online mental health resources at Psych Central, a comprehensive online tool that provides information on psychological conditions, research in mental health, and support groups. Information may be accessed through quizzes and surveys, blogs, news articles, and more.

Seek Treatment & Support for an Eating Disorder

The National Eating Disorders Association provides help and support to individuals struggling with an eating disorder through its confidential Helpline. Find a treatment referral or locate a support group as a step to recovery.

Assistance for Alcohol Abuse

Employees concerned about an alcohol abuse problem may contact Alcoholics Anonymous. Learn more about the fellowship of A.A. and how it works or find the contact information to local A.A. offices.

Grief and Healing Support Groups

Visit the Cedar Valley Hospice webpage to learn about sharing grief and healing with others through local support groups. A variety of open and closed groups are available in the Cedar Valley. Grief support groups provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences with others living with similar circumstances.

Purpose and Longevity

Finding our purpose can add meaning to your life when life challenges may be preventing us from seeing the bigger picture. There is research to support that having a strong sense of purpose can help us to live longer, healthier lives. To learn more about the Blue Zones and how to find your purpose visit the Blue Zones website.

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