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My Benefits | Long Term Disability Benefits

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

Administered By Principal Life Insurance Company

University-Sponsored LTD Insurance

Long-term disability (LTD) coverage is designed to replace a portion of your income when you become disabled and are unable to work because of injury or illness. The monthly benefit is equal to 66 2/3% of your earnings before becoming disabled, but will not exceed $6,667.

Non-temporary Employees Eligibility

  • Works at least half-time (20 hours per week) or more.
  • Appointed for nine (9) months or more.
  • Participation is automatic.
Eligibility of Long Term Disability Insurance Starts
Life Event Eligibility Starts
New Hire Based on the event date, coverage begins the first day of the next month.
Qualifying Employment Event Based on the event date, coverage begins the first day of the next month.
Eligibility of Long Term Disability Insurance Ends
Life Event Eligibility Ends
No Longer Eligible Ends the day after you are no longer eligible for the benefit.
Separation of Employment Ends the day after your last day worked.

Long Term Disability Insurance Premiums

Premiums for the long term disability insurance are paid by the University of Northern Iowa.

Employee Benefits While on Long Term Disability

Employment Status

  • You will be terminated as an employee from the university, so your position may be filled.
  • If able to return to work in the future, the employee may apply for open positions.

Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • The option to maintain health, dental, and vision coverage is available through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) for a period of 24 consecutive months. Detailed information about premium and coverage options through COBRA will be provided by HRS Benefits staff. For frequently asked questions on COBRA visit the Department of Labor website.
  • For participants who elect COBRA UNI health insurance coverage, the long term disability insurance will reimburse them for actual incurred monthly medical premiums, not to exceed $750 per month for a period of up to 24 consecutive months.
  • Principal Life Insurance Company will also assist participants in applying for Social Security Disability Benefits. To learn more about these benefits, visit the Social Security Disability Benefits website.


  • TIAA
    Employees who elect TIAA as their provider of their University Sponsored Retirement Plan are automatically enrolled in the [TIAA] Retirement Plan Supplement Benefit as described in the Group Long Term Disability Insurance Policy Booklet. In the event the employee enters into long term disability the university will contribute both the employee and employer contribution. Note: The disability monthly income will be reduced when a participant receives any retirement plan distribution payments.
    Disability benefits are included in this retirement plan. Understanding Your Disability Benefits, summarizes the disability benefits available to Regular and Special Service members, compares the differences between the different types of disability benefits available to Special Service members, and explains the disability benefits application process. Note: The disability monthly income will be reduced when a participant receives any retirement plan distribution payments.

Life Insurance

You may qualify to continue to be covered under the University Sponsored LTD Policy under a Survivors Benefit. Principal Financial Group will make the determination. If no longer eligible to be covered you may choose to continue coverage through Principal Financial Group with an independent policy. For more information visit the UNI Principal Portal.

Benefit Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1Q: How long does it take for a Long Term Disability claim to be reviewed?

    It may take six (6) to twelve (12) weeks for Principal Financial Group to review the claim and make their decision.

  2. 2Q: May I appeal the decision from Principal Financial Group in regard to my claim?

    Yes, you may work directly with Principal Financial Group through their appeals process.

  3. 3Q: What if I do not have enough vacation or sick leave pay to cover the 90 day waiting period?
  4. 4Q: Do I need to apply for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)?
    • During the application process Principal Financial Group will have you sign an agreement to apply for SSDI benefits upon their request.
    • Once receiving SSDI payments, Principal Financial Group will reduce the Long Term Disability payment amount.
    • If approved for SSDI, Medicare will be offered 2 years after your SSDI approval date.
    • For more information on Social Security Disability please visit

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