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Merit Supervisory

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Who are Supervisory Merit Employees?

Supervisory Merit employees, along with Confidential Merit employees, are non-contract, non-bargaining unit merit staff. Supervisory and Confidential employees are exempted from collective bargaining under the Public Employment Relations Act (PERA) of 1974 and Chapter 20 of the Code of Iowa. Consequently, Supervisory and Confidential employees are not covered by the contract negotiated between the State of Iowa and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 61 AFL-CIO (AFSCME).

The Regents Merit System Rules govern the working environment of both Supervisory and Confidential employees. Further guidelines for University policies regarding Merit Supervisory and Confidential employees may be found in the University of Northern Iowa’s Policies and Procedures.

Supervisory Definition

"Supervisory" employees are defined by their job classification as supervisory under the PERA and Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code; and are exempt because their responsibilities typically require them to exercise supervisory responsibilities over other Merit staff. This determination is not made by individual positions and assignments, but rather, on the basis of the classification and the typical duties or responsibilities of that classification.

Supervisory employees are classified as either clerical supervisory or non-clerical supervisory. Wages for supervisory employee positions (100 series) are determined by legislation enacted by the State of Iowa General Assembly.

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